Veterinary Workers

Understanding the fundamentals of radiological health protection is essential for all radiation workers, particularly employees, students and contractors engaged in patient care in veterinary practices. Often, patients must be held by one or more employees in order to get the diagnostic image necessary to provide quality care. Employees must take precautions to avoid placing their hands, arms or torso in the primary x-ray beam. Such precautions include use of protective aprons, gloves or mitts, and consistent use of radiation badges to record their radiation dose (which accumulates over a lifetime).

Resources for employees in veterinary practices:

  • Answers to a range of questions about radiation, with answers vetted by multiple professional organizations. Site hosted by the Health Physics Society.
    Veterinary Practice News
  • Would your facility pass an x-ray inspection by the Delaware Division of Public Health? Read this article about the Pennsylvania program – Delaware’s regulations and inspection program are similar.
  • You may also find the link below helpful.  Please note that this link is provided as a suggestion, and the Authority does not endorse or recommend any specific brand of protective gear. The regulations require protection from the primary x-ray beam, which can be challenging in veterinary operatory. There are products on the market in recent years (veterinary mitts) which allow for effective holding of animals while protecting the hands of the human holder from radiation: veterinary mitts.

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