To the educational community interested in expanding your information base to further the detail, exposing your students to revelant topics in the science of radiation arena; please take the opportunity to peruse the following sites which contain very informative and extensive information. These sites will allow the learner to research various topics under the canopy of Radiation Science.

  • Radiation Basics; Radiation Terms; What types of radiation are there and many other subtopics: www.hps.org

  • Lesson plans for all areas of Radiation Science/ Sections 1-7: www.epa.radnet

Both of these sites are accessible from the Authority on Radiation Protection site. Just abovethe RadTown icon there is an area that says"Learn about radiation, where it is and how it is used." Click on that it bringings you to the EPA site.

Click on the Educational materials and there you will find the lesson plans.