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As adults, going to the hospital can be challenging, even though we know the care we will receive will be beneficial to our health; for children who don’t understand what is happening or why, medical procedures can be scary.

It is important that patients of all ages be made comfortable with and aware of the procedures they will undergo, but this is especially true with young patients, so it is important that the parents of these patients are informed of the risks and benefits of the procedures in question; in essence, we want to make sure the parents are confident that the benefits will outweigh the risks.  It’s common sense that smaller bodies need less radiation, and the goal of Image Gently¨ is therefore to “change practice by raising awareness of the opportunities to lower radiation dose in the imaging of children” (Image Gently®, 2014).

This purpose of this website is to provide information to parents on radiographic procedures, radiation safety, and generally put at ease those parents whose children will or may have to undergo radiographic procedures. - click on "What can I do as a parent?"

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