Industry Workers

Understanding the fundamentals of radiological health protection is essential for all radiation workers, including employees, students and contractors using or working near radiation sources in industry. Radiation workers must take precautions to protect their customers, colleagues, co-workers and themselves from unnecessary exposure to radiation. Radiation protection in industry is primarily achieved by engineering controls such as interlocks and hazard lights that provide warnings or delayed access to radiation areas when X-ray devices are energized, as well as procedural controls such as radiation safety training, physical barriers and warning signs. For individuals working in posted radiation or high radiation areas, consistent use of radiation badges to record radiation dose of workers (which accumulates over a lifetime) is important.

Resources for Workers in Industry, or Research & Development Activities:

  • Answers to a range of questions about radiation, with answers vetted by multiple professional organizations. Of special interest to radiation workers is the “Radiation and Me” or “Radiation and Reproduction” sections of this web site, which is hosted by the Health Physics Society:

  • If you work in Delaware, your rights as a radiation worker are outlined in this “Notice to Employees,” which must be posted in every registered radiation source facility in the state:

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